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Minaurum Gold Inc. has developed a portfolio of exploration projects in Mexico combined with one of the strongest technical teams in the industry. To date, management have been involved with three takeovers including: $424 million West Timmins merger with Lake Shore Gold; $140 million Kinross Gold acquisition of Underworld Resources; $205 million Agnico Eagle acquisition of Cayden Resources. Backed by loyal institutional investors, our goal is to develop our projects and find the industry's next new discovery in prolific mining jurisdictions.

Proven Technical Team

Minaurum is composed of one of the best technical teams in the industry that includes Mr. David M. Jones, Dr. Peter Megaw, Mr. Stephen Maynard and Mr. Gerald Rayner.   Mr. Jones is responsible for discovering Goldcorp's 8 million-ounce gold Los Filos deposit (increased to 13 million ounces in 2012, 16.27 million ounces in 2013), co-credited with the discovery of Kinross's 2 million-ounce gold deposit and his exploration model was used in the discovery of a number of additional deposits in the Guerrero Gold Belt. Dr. Megaw has been responsible for the discovery of over 200 million ounces of silver discovered in Mexico, including MAG Silver's Juanicipio, Cinco de Mayo, Pozo Seco projects, and Excellon Resources' Platosa Mine. Mr. Maynard's career spans 30 years in exploration including more than 15 years in Latin America. Mr. Rayner has more than 40 years of experience including being credited with the discovery of the 7 million-ounce Ok Tedi gold mine.

Our Team's Successes
Minaurum Team Member



8 million oz Los Filos Gold Deposit

2 million oz Buckhorn Gold Deposit

Gold Resource Corporation
Switchback deposit at El Aguila

David M. Jones, Senior Geologist & Director




Part of team credited with discovery



Excellon Resources
Platosa Silver Mine

MAG Silver
200 million oz Silver Juanicipio Deposit

West Timmins Mining
$424 million merger with Lake Shore Gold

Dr. Peter Megaw, Director and Consulting Geologist




Property vendor


BHP Billiton
2.9MT copper, 7 million oz Gold OK Tedi Mine

Gerry Rayner, Director, Senior Consulting Geologist



Underworld Resources
$142 million takeover by Kinross

Michael Williams, Chairman & Director

Co-founder and sold to Kinross for $145M