Social Responsibility

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Minaurum is fully committed to providing a positive social and environmental benefit in every community that it operates. A critical factor in successfully and responsibly exploring for minerals in various jurisdictions is the need to employ locally. Providing employment opportunties to the local community help establish a strong and meaningful relationship in the communities in which it conducts its business.

On any given project Minaurum employs anywhere from a handful of local labourers to over 25 individuals to assist with its exploration and drill programs. As projects advance, so do the locals' abilities and experience. Minaurum's social approach provides for a long term relationship with the community and local governments.

Minaurum's initiatives are focused on leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Through the various forms of terrain that its projects are located in, Minaurum endeavours to not disturb the local vegetation through minimizing new road infrastructure and cutting down trees. Minaurum is focused on creating only an environmental footprint just large enough for that stage of exploration. In the case of drilling in areas of heavy vegetation, Minaurum has employed highly mobile and modular drill rigs that only require a 1 meter wide footpath, thereby contracting the services of Energold Drilling Corp. In flat areas, Minaurum has accessed a project through old railway right of ways and through the rehabilitation of old road ways and contracted Major Drilling Inc.

Minaurum's donations to local communities have included repairs of roads at the Adelita and Capilla projects, as well as the construction of water wells for the local community at the Aurena project.