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Social Responsibility

Minaurum is committed to providing a positive social and environmental benefit in every community that it operates. It is the policy of Minaurum to be a good neighbour in the communities that it operates, sourcing both labour and supplies locally and to minimizing its environmental footprint.

Minaurum respects and engages meaningfully with local communities at all of its operations. The company is committed to working constructively with local communities and government agencies to ensure that exploration work is conducted in a culturally and environmentally sensitive manner. This includes proactively sharing information about our exploration plans and programs while providing meaningful opportunities for input and dialogue.

Providing employment opportunities to the local community helps establish strong and meaningful relationships. On any given project Minaurum employs anywhere from a handful of local labourers to over 25 individuals to assist with its exploration and drill programs. As a result, as projects advance, so do the locals' abilities and experience. Local employment is a key way for communities to profit from mineral exploration. In addition, Minaurum strives to support the local community by providing food packages containing staples such as beans, rice, masa, flour, sugar, fruits and vegetables as well as basic hygiene and sanitary supplies.

Minaurum is committed to meeting or surpassing all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, permit and license requirements, and to continuously improving its environmental performance and practices. The company embraces safe, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable work practices during all activities. Minaurum utilizes innovative technologies and techniques to reduce its environmental footprint such as man-portable modular drill rigs. Minaurum prioritizes the use of modular drill rigs that only require a drill site measuring 4m by 4m. Highly mobile drill rigs are able to be positioned around trees and leave no sign of their presence once drilling is done.


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